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Rhymes for kids that educate but won’t agitate – it’s just good music.

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With Every Kid’s A Genius: Lesson 1 your child will easily learn the alphabet, numbers, spelling, colors, counting backwards, and more.

The keys to learning are repetition and enthusiasm. Every Child Wins gives your child this and more through powerful music.

These kids songs are also ideal for:

  • morning routines
  • during car rides
  • family events
  • at school
  • during classroom activities
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Kids Songs for Early Childhood Development

  1. Crazy ABCs – abc song, learn the alphabet, letters, and phonetics
  2. Smarter 123s – counting to 20, learn numbers
  3. Teach Me How To Read – learning to spell, positive affirmations
  4. Monkey Business – learning numbers, counting backwards
  5. Introduce You To Some Colors – learn about colors
  6. Quarter Dime Penny Nickel – counting money, learn to count money and coins, counting by 1s 5s 10s and 25s
  7. Silly Song – kids dance song, following directions
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Important Tips

  • This should NOT be used to replace proper schooling. This is a tool to rapidly enhance what is being learned.
  • Listening to music at volumes too loud can damage more than just your child’s hearing.
  • Make sure your child listens in a loving, safe environment as he or she will form new memories in association with learning.
  • You will be tempted to jam this music when your child is not around, be cautious because you will get strange looks from friends.
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