Every Kid’s A Genius: Lesson 1


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  1. Crazy ABCs (03:11)
  2. Smarter 123s (03:34)
  3. Teach Me How To Read (03:12)
  4. Monkey Business (02:43)
  5. Introduce You To Some Colors (05:31)
  6. Quarter Dime Penny Nickel (03:54)
  7. Silly Song (03:37)

Every Kid’s A Genius: Lesson 1 is the only jammin’ album that accelerates your child’s learning. Use a full album of songs to teach your kids the alphabet, numbers, colors & more in a way they’ll never forget.

Everyone always remembers the lyrics to their favorite songs and your child will utilize this knowledge to excel academically. Education, confidence-building, and problem-solving are the focuses on this album.

Album Preview

Crazy ABCs

Crazy ABCs is the #1 rap ABC song teaching the English alphabet, phonetics, rhyming words, and patterns. It’s also filled with positive affirmations about learning the alphabet.

Smarter 123s

Smarter 123s is the danceable counting song that teaches how to count from 1 to 20 using real-world examples of things kids will recognize.

Teach Me How To Read

Teach Me How To Read is the contagious spelling song that teaches how to both spell and identify simple parts of the body such as hands, eyes, feet, and more.

Personalized Songs for Toddlers

Allow your child to feel loved and extra special with personalized songs saying his or her name at the beginning.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business is the countdown song and 10 Little Monkeys Remix teaching counting backwards from 10 and promoting movement & dance.

Introduce You To Some Colors

Introduce You To Some Colors is the super awesome colors song teaching colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, gray, black, white), common color-related items, rhyming words, and patterns.

Quarter Dime Penny Nickel

Quarter Dime Penny Nickel is the money song that helps children identify and know the value of US coins. This is the foundation for wealth building.

Silly Song

Silly Song is the happy dance song that promotes friendship, movement & dance, following directions, and motor skills.

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