Child Education Now Has An Easy Button. Press It!

About Us

Every Child Wins was founded in 2015 by two award winning songwriters in TX that wanted to prove that good music and valuable content is a formula for quick and effective learning. Aligned with impactful teachers and a team of the best music producers and songwriters available, Every Child Wins’ music is accelerating how the new generation gets it knowledge. Each new music release allows kids to be exposed to new knowledge in positive environments leading to increased confidence when reintroduced to those concepts in school.

Within months, parents around the world unlocked the accelerated learning power for their kids using music as one of the tools to promote positive thought. The current music release is Every Kid’s A Genius: Lesson 1 that’s aimed at kids ages 0-5 teaching spelling, counting, ABCs, colors, and more. In early 2016, Every Child Wins was recognized by the Songwriters’ Association of Washington and received a MASC award for its outstanding achievement in children’s music.

Every Child Wins is expanding its footprint into other areas including video tools, book guides, and other helpful educational materials designed to fast-track a child’s learning potential.

Every Child Wins is not just a music company, but also an educational company with a focus on early childhood development.

Accelerated Learning Tips

  • These songs for kids should NOT be used to replace proper schooling. This is a tool to rapidly enhance what is being learned.
  • Listening to music at volumes too loud can damage more than just your child’s hearing.
  • Make sure your child listens in a loving, safe environment as he or she will form new memories in association with learning.
  • You will be tempted to jam this music when your child is not around, be cautious because you will get strange looks from friends.


Raises IQ and Academic Performance

Increases Verbal Intelligence

Works Well With Special Needs Kids

Reduces Depression

Relaxes Your Child

Strengthens Learning and Memory

Makes Your Kids Happier

Keeps Brian Healthy

Lowers Stress and Improves Health

For the parents, Elevates Mood While Driving

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