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50+ Printable Questions To Ask Preschools Near You

By: Jelani Clay     Topics: Child Development

The search for the perfect preschool or pre-k program is a serious chore. There are too many important factors to consider.

You want the best for your child, but you don’t want them to miss out on anything just because mommy or daddy forgot to ask the right questions.

That is just what this list is for. It is a way for you to find out what you really need to know about the preschool, daycare, or pre-k you are considering enrolling your child into.

Currently this list contains 50 need-to-know questions about the preschool program, the food situation, how they handling illnesses, and more.

The Ultimate Preschool/Pre-K Comparison Checklist v1.0

A.The Program
1.Is the school accredited and licensed?
2.Am I ok with the school's educational philosophy (curriculum/subjects taught)?
3.Am I ok with the school's disciplinary philosophy?
4.Does the enrollment process meet my needs?
5.Does the school hours meet my family's needs?
6.Was I provided with a list of the days school will be closed?
7.Will the school provide references?
8.Can my child enroll right away (no waiting list)?
1.Has the school's dropping off & picking up policy and times been outlined?
2.Have the child release and security policies been outlined?
3.Will my child be safe here?
1.Can I afford this school without financial assistance?
2.Is financial assistance available at this school?
3.Is there a fee for switching schools or pulling my child out early?
4.Am I ok with the fees applied for switching schools or pulling my child out early?
5.Is there a late fee for late pickup?
6.Am I ok with the fees applied for late pickup?
1.Am I ok with the school's policy regarding sick kids?
2.Am I ok with the school's policy about giving medication?
3.Am I ok with how the school handles kids that get hurt (applying aid, calling 911, etc)?
E.The Potty Situation
1.Is potty training required?
2.Do this school help potty train?
3.Will I need to provide a change of clothes?
1.Am I ok with the student/teacher ratio?
2.Do all the teachers and staff have acceptable credentials?
3.Do all the teachers have first aid and CPR training?
4.Does the school have a consistent back up of substitute teachers?
5.Are the substitute teachers also certified?
6.Am I ok with the teacher turnover rate?
G.School Activities
1.Am I ok with the daily schedule?
2.Will there be active play opportunities to develop gross and fine motor skills?
3.Am I ok with the amount of outside activities?
4.Am I ok with the amount of free play time my child will get?
5.Does this school take field trips?
6.Am I ok with the field trip policy?
1.Do the children take naps regularly?
2.Am I ok with the nap time policy (time of day, length, frequency)?
3.Does the school supply a nap mat, sheet, or pillow?
4.Will I have to provide nap supplies?
5.Am I ok with the manner and frequency the nap supplies are cleaned?
1.Are meals and snacks provided?
2.Am I ok with the menu?
3.Will the school take into account allergies?
4.Will the school pay attention to my child's special dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, other)?
5.Am I ok with the pre-meal routine such as going to the restroom and washing hands?
6.Will my child be required to use appropriate table manners?
7.Will my child have to eat everything on his or her plate?
8.Can my child interact while eating?
1.Would I be able to make unannounced visits to observe classes?
2.Am I ok with all of the supplies I need to provide?
3.Am I ok with the amount of parental involvement that is expected of me?

Got an important question we might’ve missed? Let us know below and we’ll update it.

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