Kid Taking Music Lessons

Which Music Lessons for Kids Are Best? Guitar, Piano, Singing, Drums, Other

By: Jelani Clay     Topics: Kids Activities

Getting your kids involved in music lessons is one of the best decisions you can make. Your child would become exposed to other cultures, adopt new patterns of thought, and even gain self-confidence in his/her abilities. Does playing a musical instrument make your child smarter? Duhhh. Then which instrument should my child play? Now that depends… Every instrument has it’s own strengths, weaknesses, and challenges to overcome. Which one is best is simply a matter of opinion. The best decision …

Don’t Get Stumped: How To Win The WHY Game Every Time

By: Jelani Clay     Topics: Kids Activities

Ready to play the WHY game? It’s the only game where a toddler is evenly matched against an adult. Man and child go head-to-head in an intense game of wordplay and will. The Toddler: Armed with only the word “Why”, the Toddler seeks to gain knowledge while also attempting to stump his opponent. The Adult: Equipped with years of experience and knowledge, the Toddler seeks to pass wisdom down without being befuddled by a smug 3-year-old. The Onlooker: Filled with …

Father and Daughter Movement while Listening to Music

Music and Movement Activities Plus The Songs To Use

By: Jelani Clay     Topics: Kids Activities

Music and movement are absolutely vital during early child development. The two are perfect in that they go hand in hand. After all, what draws out movement better than music? Proper child development takes time. Years! You can’t afford to waste that time with activities that aren’t perfectly suited for your child’s best interest. That’s exactly what this post will cover. Now I won’t get into why music and movement are so important. For that check out Why Preschoolers Need …

Kid Doing Math With Abacus

Abacus for Kids: How To Use & Which To Buy

By: Jelani Clay     Topics: Kids Activities

An abacus is basically a wooden calculator, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a math developing tool for kids that’s disguised as a toy. The abacus helps with patterns, color recognition, and aids to develop a visual and tactile relationship with numbers. Best of all it’s fun. You get slide & clank beads loudly back and forth while calculating complex algorithms of data. Who wouldn’t want this for their kids and themselves? If you pair an abacus with …

80s Kids Movie that are awesome

20 Forgotten Movies of the 80s Kids Will Love Now

By: Jelani Clay     Topics: Kids Activities

It’s all about the 80s baby, the era of great forgotten music and movies for the whole family. Even though decades have past, the following list of movies still holds up to this day. I’m just going to come out and say it. These are CLASSICS! What’s a classic? A classic is a movie you can watch over and over again and never get tired of it. In this particular case, these are the fun movies I watched over and …

Girl on Ipad with Headphones Looking Up

Educational Apps: 20 Tried And Tested Preschool Apps That Work

By: Troy Washington     Topics: Child Development, Kids Activities

Today I decided to list the apps that showed the biggest improvement in my son’s learning ability. I was surprised at just how many educational preschool apps we’ve actually tried out. A lot of them were duds, but below are the ones that actually worked. These are the preschool apps that I have my son use on a regular basis that get the best results. I hope this helps your child. If you would like to know additional tools that …