The Top 10 Alphabet (ABC) Songs That Will Make You Move

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Hi, I’m Jelani and I love great music. I mean who doesn’t? Scroll down some and you can see me moving to great music on this video.

I’ve figured out why kids would rather listen to the radio then songs made just for them. It’s because your average kid-song doesn’t allow you to let loose and have fun. Where’s the hot beat? Where’s the overly dramatic performer? Where’s that unforgettable hook?

Well all of the songs on this list won’t have that, but they are going to make you move. Now if you want the hot beats, the overly dramatic performers, and the unforgettable hooks, then grab your copy of our superior children’s music.

Without further ado here are the top 10 ABC videos on YouTube that will get you moving.

1. Crazy ABCs

You know we had to kick things off with our very own Crazy ABCs. This song is innovative, fresh, makes you want to rap, and does a great job of being memorable so that kids can learn the alphabet quickly. If only all academic lessons came so nicely packaged, hint hint.

2. Elmo Sings a Rap Alphabet Song

Hol’ up mayne. Elmo brings it freestyle style rapping to the beat. Don’t sleep on Sesame Street.

3. Choo Choo Soul – Alphabet

“All aboard the choo train…” Ay ay ay. This version of the alphabet brings in some true soul. I dare you not to move while listening to this.

4. ABC Song Just Dance Kids

For those looking for the official dance version of the ABCs, here it is. This video even comes with its own choreography. Try and see how many times it takes you to learn it. Did they just do the robot?

5. ABC ROCK By Greg & Steve

Oh boy, you’re going to love rocking out to the ABC Rock by Greg & Steve.

6. The Cool Alphabet ABC Song

You wanna be cool? Then listen to the cool alphabet song.

7. The Alphabet Song by The LMNOPs

Now it’s time to groove with the LMNOPs as they sing your ABCs.

8. ABC Disco with Grover

Break out your dancing shoes. Grover swags it out to some disco. Who doesn’t love disco music? I think I saw the cabbage patch and even some krumping.

9. Sesame Street: Usher’s ABC Song

Yeah! Ursher was hanging out on Sesame Street one day and they asked him to sing. This is what happened.

10. Crazy ABCs

This song is so great it had to be on here twice. Seriously, test your child’s alphabet knowledge after just two listens. It’s amazing. Crazy ABCs for the party wrap-up.

Did I Miss Any of Note?

There were 28,200,000 results for ABC songs on YouTube so I may have overlooked a few. Just know that I listened to as many as I could tolerate, I mean as many as possible. If I missed something or you made a version that you think should be on this page, let me know in the comments and we’ll see what we can do.


I tried to make a Top ABC Songs Spotify playlist with all of these songs, but I could only find 3. If you know of any of these listed that are on Spotify, let me know so that I can update the playlist. Thanks yall.

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