I plan to use Every Child Wins in all of my Pre-school classrooms.Karen Buchanan
Karen Buchanan is one of the Directors for Childcare Network, an early care and preschool education provider with over 200 schools in 11 states. Childcare Network consists of over 25,000 children and their families furthering the education and wellness of every child they teach.

“We introduced Every Child Wins to our pre-school students and the children immediately responded to the content. They loved the hip-hop sound that backed up the ‘Smarter 123s‘. The children were dancing and reciting the words and numbers right away.”

“I feel like music is a great tool to teach children the basic skills that they need to know. It helps lay the groundwork for the learning that will come later on for them in public or private school. This is the type of music that they are familiar with and what better way to teach a child than to expose them to learning in a way that they really enjoy.”

Many studies have confirmed that music enhances brain functionality and leads to increased memory.

“I feel like the lessons from Every Child Wins would benefit children of various ages. I plan to use Every Child Wins in all of my Pre-school classrooms. I strongly encourage parents as well as teachers to give this style of learning a try!”


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