Best Educational Preschool Apps

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Top Preschool Apps

Today I decided to list the apps that showed the biggest improvement in my son’s learning ability. I was surprised at just how many educational preschool apps we’ve actually tried out. A lot of them were duds, but below are the ones that actually worked.

These are the preschool apps that I have my son use on a regular basis that get the best results.

I hope this helps your child. If you would like to know additional tools that can help your child, then you absolutely must check out our post on the best educational tools for young children.

Special Notes:

  1. To give you some idea of the potential available – my son knows basic Spanish words, can count to 10 in three different languages, and is speaking on a level a full year above him.
  2. It is not just about sitting an app in front of your kid just to give you a moment to yourself. Kids are interested in what their parents are interested in, so be present with your toddler when he or she is learning.
The apps featured are linked to iTunes but many are also available on Google Apps. Some of the prices and content may have changed since this list was compiled. If you notice any changes or have some apps that need to be included on this list, please comment below!

Check out the TOP PRESCHOOL APPS listed below. I have already tested out many preschool apps on my son so I can tell you of the ones NOT to get as well, if you’re interested.

To Our Children’s Continued Success,


16 Best Educational Preschool Apps

1Abby Phonics: Kindergarten Reading Adventure

Best Educational Preschool Apps: Abby Phonics Kindergarten Reading Adventure
22learn, LLCFreePhonetic Letter Sounds
2Cookie Monster's Challenge

Best Educational Preschool Apps: Cookie Monster's Challenge
PBS KIDS$2.99Self-Control, Focus, Memory, Following Directions,Problem Solving
3Disney Junior Appisodes

Best Educational Preschool Apps: Disney Junior Appisodes
DisneyFree (includes 1 appisode), then $4.99 per appisode.Language, Reading, Thinking, Reasoning
4Elmo Loves ABCs

Best Educational Preschool Apps: Elmo Loves ABCs
Sesame Street$4.99Letter Identification (Uppercase & Lowercase), Letter Sounds, Letter Tracing, Art & Creativity, Music Appreciation
5Endless Alphabet

Best Educational Preschool Apps: Endless Alphabet
Originator Inc.$6.99ABCs, Building Vocabulary
6Endless Numbers

Best Educational Preschool Apps: Endless Numbers
Originator Inc.FreeNumber Recognition, Sequences, Quantity, Numerical Patterns, Simple Addition
7Endless Wordplay

Best Educational Preschool Apps: Endless Wordplay
Originator Inc.FreeSpelling, Word Building, Rhymes
8Old Macdonald Had a Farm

Best Educational Preschool Apps: Old Macdonald Had a Farm
TabTale LTDFreeAnimal Names & Sounds

Best Educational Preschool Apps: PlayKids
Movile Internet Movel S.A.1 Week Free Trial
$6.99 monthly
$39.99 6-monthly
$69.99 yearly
Various through Videos,
Books, Educational Activities, Songs with New Content Every Week
10Pre-K Letters and Numbers Spanish

Best Educational Preschool Apps: Pre-K Letters and Numbers Spanish
BrightStart LLCFree. $1.99 for FullIntroduction to Spanish Words, Number, & More
11Preschool EduPaint

Best Educational Preschool Apps: Preschool EduPaint
Cubic Frog Apps$3.99Colors, Letters, Numbers, Shapes, & More
12Preschool Memory Match and Learn

Best Educational Preschool Apps: Preschool Memory Match and Learn
TabTale LTDFreeColors, Shapes, Numbers, Fruits, ABC’s, Vegetables, Nature
13Sesame Street eBooks for iPad

Best Educational Preschool Apps: Sesame Street eBooks for iPad
Sesame StreetFreeVarious Subjects through Sesame Street Ebook Subscription ($3.99 per month or $39.99 per year)
14SUPER WHY ABC Adventures: Alphabet for iPad

Best Educational Preschool Apps: SUPER WHY ABC Adventures: Alphabet for iPad
PBS KIDS$3.99Uppercase & Lowercase Letters, Order of the Alphabet, Letter Sounds, Writing Letters
15The Wheels On The Bus

Best Educational Preschool Apps: The Wheels On The Bus
Kids Games Club by TabTaleFreeColoring, Spelling, Vocabulary, Music
16Toddler Games: puzzles, shapes

Best Educational Preschool Apps: Toddler Games puzzles, shapes
TINYHANDS APPSFreeSorting & Classifying, Hand-Eye Coordination, Concentration, Visual Perception, Vocabulary

If you’re looking for just math apps for kids, check out SimplyKinder’s math app list.

Video Preview

Best Preschool Apps: TJ using educational apps on iPad Just to show you the power of these preschool apps, this is my son learning as a 1 year-old.

The Longer You’re Not Taking Action, The Longer for Your Child’s Mind to Develop

The biggest mistake parents make is relying solely on educational videos, apps, books, songs, etc. For the best results, find the tools that you and your child can use together that are fun.

If you want your child to learn quickly and easily, check out these educational preschool songs!

To Our Children’s Continued Success,

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